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High Solids & Water Reducible Alkyds

Note: The products listed on the following pages are our most common items and are provided as an example of our capabilities. We can custom manufacture virtually any paint and coatings vehicles in any quantity from single drum to bulk tank wagon.

High Solids & Water Reducible Alkyds

High-Solids Alkyds – Air Dry
Product Solids Solvent Visc Oil Applications
2830-75 75 Tol/NBA Z-Z2 MDO Rosin modified. Drum enamels and primers
2832-75 75 NBA Z-Z2 MDO Rosin modified. HAPS-free version of 2830-75
5412-80HF 80 A100 Z4-Z6 Soya High-solids architectural enamels and grinding vehicle
5421-90 90 MS Z-Z2 Soya Long-oil gloss and semi-gloss enamels
5427-75 75 MPK/NBA Z-Z2 TOFA Low-VOC, fast dry industrial non-lifting primers and enamels
5431-75 75 XYL/NBA Z-Z2 TOFA Fast Dry, low-VOC Enamels w/ good exterior durability
5435-75 75 MPK/Tol Z-Z2 TOFA Chain-stopped, fast dry enamels
5436-75 75 MPK/NBA X-Z TOFA Chain-stopped, fast dry low-VOC enamels
5456-75 75 MPK/NBA X-Z S/DCO Very fast dry; low-VOC enamels with good exterior durability
5547-75 75 A100 X-Z1 SF Flame retardant paints conforming to MIL-E-24607B
Syncone (silicone modified)
5490-80 80 MS Z-Z2 Soya Low-VOC paints conforming to TT-E-490F

High-Solids Alkyds – Bake

5441-75 75 NBA/MPK/Tol Z-Z2 Coco Bake finishes; conversion varnishes; lacquer plasticizer
5441-85 85 MPK Z2-Z4 Coco Industrial bake finishes and lacquer plasticizers
5447-90 90 EEP/Tol Z3-Z5 TOFA Low-VOC industrial baking enamels

Water-Reducible Alkyds

5931-75 75 BE/s-But Z4-Z6 TOFA Force dry and industrial metal finishes
5932-75 75 BE/s-But Z4-Z6 TOFA Fast-dry chain stopped coatings, good corrosion resistance
5933-75 75 s-But/PP Z5-Z6 CFA Very fast air dry enamels, excellent corrosion resistance
5934-75EB 75 BE Z5-Z6+ TOFA Economical HAPS-free water reducible resin with good dry and corrosion resistance
5935-75 75 BE/s-But Z6-Z7 CFA Fast-dry enamels with excellent corrosion resistance
5936-75 75 BE/s-But Z5-Z6 TOFA Fast-dry enamels with good corrosion resistance
5937-75 75 BE/s-But Z6-Z7 TOFA Very fast air dry enamels with good corrosion resistance
5944-75 75 PP/s-But Z6-Z7 Co FA Bake finishes with excellent color retention